We protect the premise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our floating supervisors oversee the security operations, set the training standards and hiring procedures according to the manpower headcount and security functions. Full support from the Senior Management at all times allow us to coordinate with the clients effectively. With a 24 hours security plan, we implement the security policies and adhere to the safety measures to assure guarding responsibilities around the clock.

The general security duties are:-

  • Attend to enquiries from visitor and tenants pertaining to safety concern.
  • Perform security check and access control duties.
  • Conduct patrolling to ensure assets and facilities are protected and premises are secured.
  • Practice good housekeeping and maintain cleanliness of the guardhouse
  • Report on any mulfunction in the equipment related to fire safety, security system, CCTV and electrical facilities.
  • Control the traffic at the gated entrances to buildings and manage the traffic flow inside premises.
  • Prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities and restraining trespassers.

Our security guards have to learn:-

  • Introduction To Safety Industry
  • Introduction To Communication Tools
  • Human Right & Self Defense Right
  • Arrest & Body Inspection
  • Effective Communication
  • Introduction To Firearm
  • Command Task
  • Fire Extinguish
  • First Aid


Sometimes client may need security services on temporary basis or for a short period of time during those situations such as special event, holiday shopping, unexpected emergency and construction site. We can provide relief guards who are ready to be deployed according to the requirement.


We provide high skilled people who can add value to administrative role by taking care some essential and time-consuming tasks from receptionist. Concierge Security Officers maintain a welcoming and pleasant disposition to great visitors, direct guests and assist residents. Managing the flow of people in and out of high-rises will no longer a difficult task.


Our competent and experienced team of professional are trained to conduct crowd control and security guard services ranging from small to large-scale events. We carry the duty of care for overall safety and security control specially to safeguard premises and monitor people to ensure the attendees follow the rules during the event. Besides, we escort VIPs to and from the venue. Our dynamic security know-how allows us to address integrated security solutions to customise your security and protection needs.

We specialised in:-

  • Patrolling
  • Traffic Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Conducting Person and Bag Checks
  • Screening and Vetting

The common type of events:-

  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Concerts
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Team Building


Close protection service caters to individuals requiring protective services. The main responsibility is to ensure safety of the protected person and prevent all kinds of dangers such as theft, assault, kidnapping and harrassment. Sometimes it can be a role of personal assistant or driver.

Bodyguards do not only protect politicians or celebrities, but anyone may need help in a variety of ways:-

  • You have legitimate concerns about your safety or the safety of your children after divorce with your husband or wife.
  • You are an international business traveller.
  • You transport high value commodities.
  • You receive social media threats.

We serve in security industry for 30 years. This keeps us agile in developing the best practices and systems across varying client environment and security needs.


In the past years we have overcome many challenges that shaped us on the path to success. Our experience keeps us agile in developing the best practices and systems across varying client environment and security needs.



We regard security competence as our top priority.

  • Provide risk consultation service to address the security measures and safety requirements.
  • Access security needs, threats and specific resources.
  • Develop a security plan for security manpower and technology integration.
  • Establish customer relationship and loyalty among individuals and corporates.
  • Update security related regulations set by authorities on timely basis.


We believe that our honest and sincere values are essential towards client expectations. With the continuous commitment to professionalism, we are dedicated to fulfilling customer satisfaction on reliability and responsiveness of customer service promise for higher service delivery.


We provide adequate and on-going trainings to constantly upgrade and equip our security guards with the skills and knowledge to handle situations and people. Our operations Team will be on regular site visits to ensure our Security Guard are on top notch standard. We always stay aware of our surroundings and pay attention to the latest security technology in order to enable all aspects of safeguarding responsibilities are being taken care effectively.