We are serious and passion in working our best to always deliver the credible result. It is our obligation to guarantee privacy and confidentially as the fundamental policy for mutual respect.


We are committed to stay alert and maintain focus at all times. It is our foremost priority to deliver the promised service in a consistent and accurate manner.


We act with honesty and trustworthiness and remain fair treatment to facing the ethical challenges in every case. And it means we are accountable for actions and consequences.


We are licensed and qualified in private investigations. Our team of private investigators are professional and discreet to conduct investigation depending on client needs. We ensure to provide suitable care and total discretion in all activities being carried out, no matter for corporate investigations or personal business.

Feeling that somebody is following you? Getting unknown calls and being threatened? Suspecting your spouse is having an affair? Having untruthful employees under your care? Fret Not!

Reliable and effective investigation operations for every case is guaranteed. We strive for the truth and gather the adequate information for client.

Our private investigation service involves the following matters :

Asset Tracing

Identifying assets and proving to the right ownership. We investigate and track down misappropriation of property from scams and theft and through asset tracing to initiate the asset recovery process back to the right ownership.

Fraudulent Investigation

Realised identity stolen like somebody other than yourself withdrawing money from your bank accounts? Or using your name for illegal activities? Or leaking of confidential information? We gather evidence to actualise if a fraud has taken place.

Due Diligence

Using technological techniques to perform background checks and surveillance investigation. Useful information is very important to assist our client when vetting potential executives, business partners, vendors or contractors.


We track and trail your cheating spouse and provide solid evidences. Client can determine the suspicion is true with accurate and reliable evidence thus the stress and pain can be avoided when finding our the truth.

Finding Missing Person

You want to locate someone but it is difficult to do it by your own? We can help you perform tasks like searching in effective manner with the urgency it deserves. You will get the updates on progress of the case.

Child Custody

Fighting and awarding your child’s custody with solid evidence to prove fairly that you are the right and responsible parent. It is paramount to decide the best course of action to take care on the child's safety and welfare.