Founded on traditional man guarding services, we develop an advance integrated and innovative security solutions called Smart Guarding. It is a complete suite of security services that we offer a combination of manpower and security technology for all types of premises, facilities and work sites.

  • Residential Properties
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Landed Properties

How Smart Guarding works:-

  • Face Reader Access (FRA)
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (VNPR)
  • Facial Recognition Surveillance System (FRSS)
  • Smart Centralized Control System (SCCS)
  • Resident Management System (RMS)

We automate the security services to increase the service efficiency and deliver productive performance. Hence we address the safety needs, achieve the security objective and give greater peace of mind to the individuals and corporates. Our integrated approach guarantee us to provide the best-fit security solutions for you or your business thus allow us to work together in long term partnership. Let's move ahead the technological revolutions in the digital era!




Under traditional access card system, the security is exposed under variable vulnerabilities to manage access control and security screening, particularly when the access card is lost / stolen or may be given to unauthorised third party. The other common challenge is the unproductive visitor registration process usually ends up with long queue at the guardhouse and causes frustration and complaints.

In today’s technology, facial recognition offers distinct capabilities to tackle the security challenges. This biometric identification can authenticate the face contour and distinguish the face features, thus to identify a person. Automation of identification process gives convenience to registered tenants and visitors while passing through the premises.


During outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing is an important practice and everyone shall be responsible in avoiding body contact to prevent the possible spread of virus.

Tips for Building Owner: One of the simple ways to getting your property ready for COVID-19 is to deploy non-contact digital thermal screening system to take the body temperature on those who pass through the entrance gate, without the need of security guard approaching the tenants/visitors.

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Auto-gate will be opened when the car plate is detected by camera and matched in the system.

- Register car plate number in system
- No access card
- Avoid turning down car window when raining

Driving into your premises, can be made better, convenience and hassle-free. All you have to do, is to do a First and One Time registering of your Car Plate Number into the system and our Smart Surveillance can immediately detect your car from afar and opens the gate for you. No voice command needed and any need for keys or access card. Best of all, no need to wind down windows especially when it’s raining.


The technology of facial recognition has taken video surveillance to the next level, and we call it Facial Recognition Surveillance System (FRSS). Beyond the limitation of passive closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording function, FRSS has advanced ability to proactively raise alerts thus to provide actionable information and extensive security protection against the emerging threats.

FRSS performs multi-face identification and tracking techniques in real time basis, without the need for prior registration of biometric data, FRSS compares photographic data of the human face with the photo taken by the surveillance camera to verify the identity. The system can detect the face at an angle of both left or right side, even for individuals wearing sunglasses or face masks. The face records will be stored under identity management which allows the host to whitelist or blacklist the grant of access control.

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Smart Lighting

Supremely easy for security officers to control lights and other electrical appliances in public space of residence area.

Our security officers will gain better and greater control of lights and appliances at their fingertips, allowing convenience to them and therefore 1 less off worry on their mind to gain focus on watch guarding.

We even have voice commands, allowing officers to gain more greater access and control for fast and quicker actions made every time to achieve more efficient surveillance operations.

Smart Switch

Able to control the devices whenever there are plugged in. Best use to set timers for electronic devices to turn off automatically in gym and other facilities.

By setting timers to on/off devices, this not only save the hassle of having to remember to on/off any devices. The whole concept is to have less hassle to gain greater focus on important stuff and creating a safer environment for everyone. And best of all, with timers set, you save on electricity cost and you can have your soup pot turned off timely to prevent any mishaps – burning down your kitchen.

Motion Detector

Detects moving objects, particularly people. The light will be turned on when someone is passing by and turned off when no one is around.

Usually paired with surveillance camera inside and outside of your premises.

Imagine having suspicious people loitering around or near your premises, your camera can immediately capture and send alarm signals to you on live.

Motion detector can do wonders, from movement and danger reporting, to your convenience for a smarter living.

Smoke Detector

Activates when it reaches a fixed temperature or an extreme increase in temperature occurs. Control room will get notified when it detected unusual smoke.

It provides the first life saving warnings to allow you to get out of the house before being trapped by fire or smoke.

You can pair smoke detector well with Temperature/Heat Sensors, to allow another safety level of warning to detect the sudden rise of temperature/heat in the house first. In this case, alerts will be sent to the central control room before further bigger mishaps happen.


Visitor Registration

Walk in residents and visitors register their Face ID for entering auto-gate. There is no need of access card or manual registration.

- Face ID registration
- No paper form documentation
- Protect personal data

Remembering the good olden days where you visit your relatives or friends house, you have to queue 1 by 1 for the security guard to access your entry into the premises. You have to stand under the hot sun, unsheltered, provide your identity information such us, residential address, ID, contact numbers etc. In some cases, you are required to sign a form upon entering and exiting premises.

Or perhaps you remember having to make a trip down to get access card beforehand in order to gain access into premises on the actual visiting day? Too much of a hassle! All of these above, could take up lots of your precious time and you are not even covered under PDPA for providing so many of your personal information just to gain access entry into premises.

With our Smart Facial Visitor Registration, no pre-preparation to be done! You just have to turn up, scan your face, and you can be grant for success entry into premises.

No time consuming, No under the hot sun queuing for Manual Registration, No Physical Access Card needed – Just You, Your Face.